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After some time

Hello, after some time I have moment to add new post with some helpfull content. Meantime practice, practice and practice of great and powerfull fundamentals. Well it’s important keep yourself in good understanding of fundamentals. We still use it everytime so it’s important be totaly confidant about it. And it will safe a lot of time in future of course…

Did you ever tried found similar site such us DeviantArt or in memory old CGHub. Wel I have been lucky and found these 2:


Tips & others:


Do you wanna more?

DA pics

Fisheye Placebo: Cocoa and Jen
Barrit Assassin 2
BIG FRIEND… 80min. speedpaint
Shikaku Nara
k u r e n a i
half plate warrior – skillshare

Brian Kesinger: Character Driven




Interesting Step by Step

Character Concept Art: From Grayscale to Full Color Illustration


Inspiration boost


DeviantArt #02

Some of good one


Music & Videos

Linkin Park – Breaking the Habit

Sycra VS Sai – Round Two….FIGHT!! – Head draw

How to Draw Sexy Comic Faces

How To Draw Female Figure Front Pt.1

How to Draw Heads in 3/4 view, angle — Andrew Loomis Style

Calvin Harris – Blame ft. John Newman

Just Good mix 




Get it until you can


Very usefull list of links

Few articles

Human Anatomy Fundamentals: Learning to See and Draw Energy


Random youtube video’s

How to draw the female figure from your mind — no references